Welcome to this class project for Honors 3396E: Free Speech, Free Press and the Supreme Court of the United States. In the spring semesters of 2012, 2013 and 2014, students in this honors class at Texas State University researched and wrote these essays about free speech and free press issues in countries around the world. The students explored contemporary and historical events in their chosen country as they relate to free speech and press issues, and they critically compared these events with free speech and press rights in the United States.

Check the tabs above to read about a particular country and to read about the student authors.

The class is taught by Gilbert D. Martinez, J.D., an assistant director and senior lecturer in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Questions should be directed to him at his email address, which can be accessed by clicking here, his professor webpage.

Pictured below is the 2014 class in front of historic Scholz Garten, the oldest operating business in Austin and popular restaurant among government workers and politicians. Pictured, from left, are Nathan Moore, Aja Brooks, Kathryn Price, Tara Pohlmeyer, Hailey Morphis and Christopher Henry.


Pictured below is the 2013 class in front of the building that houses the Supreme Court of Texas and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin, Texas. Pictured (front row, from left): Lisa Sargent, Tori Hale, Stephanie Moore, Ani Aroian, Laura Villalobos, Jessica Luhrman and Samantha Sheffield; in the back row, from left: Juan Saladana, Ian Peters and Stephen Gilbeaux. Not pictured is Jessica Loechel. Photo taken by Gilbert D. Martinez.

DSC_0097In the photo below, honors students from the Spring 2012 class join Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson at the Supreme Court of Texas. Pictured, from left, are Sophia George, Brittany Howard, Kaitlyn Chant, Christian Penichet-Paul, Andrew Rogers, Shannon Williams, Joseph Harmon, Chief Justice Jefferson, Chris Eudaily, Stacey Coates, Matt Sheehan and Minerva Hernandez-Garcia. Not pictured are Stephanie Daul, Haley Davis, Abigail VanWinkle, Liza Winkler, Matt Wood and Karen Zamora. Photo taken by Gilbert D. Martinez.

A note about the background image of the world map: The image was created by Petr Kratochvil and is in the public domain. The image can be accessed by clicking here.


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