About the Spring 2015 authors

Brittany Baig

Brittany Baig

Brittany Baig is a senior mass communications and English major at Texas State University. When Brittany isn’t pulling all nighters or recovering from them she likes to hike, cook, spend time with family and friends, and binge watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.








Katie Coleman

Katie Coleman



Katie Coleman is a sophomore journalism major and a media studies minor at Texas State University. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Katie is a Spurs fan and naturally has harsh feelings toward any team Lebron James plays for. A movie lover at heart, Katie hopes of involving her obsession with films in her career one day, but is unsure of where that may take her. When she isn’t watching HGTV or The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she spends her time serving in the community with her sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda, spreading Christ’s love on campus.





Alicia Dorado


Alicia Dorado is a sophomore Education major at Texas State University.  As a military dependent she has had the luxury of living in various cities around the world, which in turn has influenced her positive outlook on diversity.  Alicia is academically motivated by her desire to one day participate in Texas education policy-making and strives to serve as a voice to students who frequently go unheard.  Outside of school you’ll most likely find her rocking out to indie music, watching New Girl, or searching for the best Mexican food in town.





Holly Doyle

Holly Doyle is a sophomore Public Administration major at Texas State University whose passion lies in reproductive justice advocacy. An aspiring political activist, Holly is president of the Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter on campus and spends a lot of time making people uncomfortable with her feminism. She enjoys baking, watching Steven Universe, and eating large amounts of very sweet things. Originally from Southern California, Holly has spent the last two years falling in love with San Marcos and creating a new home for herself.






Profile Picture

Sydni Emery


Sydni Emery is a sophomore Electronic Media major and a Business Administration minor at Texas State University. Sydni is originally from Katy, TX and loves baseball. She enjoys watching movies that were made during the “Golden Hollywood” era and reading Jane Austen’s books over and over. After graduation, Sydni has hopes of attending law school and becoming a corporate lawyer. She loves her dog and has a cliche hobby of running right when the sun is setting. One day Sydni hopes to spend a year of her life in the Lake District in England, where many of the great British poets lived.





Cara Filippelli

Cara Filippelli

Cara Filippelli is a sophomore Sociology major and Political Science minor at Texas State University. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and loves Blackhawks, da Bears, and some deep dish pizza. A recent transfer student, Cara is enjoying exploring San Marcos and all of its outdoor fun. She is a member of the Renegade Roses which support the university rugby team and enjoys hiking, dancing, and ranting about social injustice.





face pic 3

Kaley Hanson

Kaley Hanson is a sophomore Public Relations major and Business Administration minor at Texas State University. Kaley has traveled to many countries around the world and is looking forward to exploring more following graduation.She plans to continue with college to pursue a graduate degree. Traveling and swimming are her two greatest passions. However, she enjoys playing sand volleyball, biking, hiking, kayaking and just about anything that is active, fun and challenging. Kaley is originally from Sedona, Arizona but has made Canyon Lake, Texas her home for the past eight years. Although she is not exactly sure of her precise career venue, she knows it will encompass doing what she loves and helping others do the same.





Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.21.40 AM

Jackson Hvizdos

Jackson Hvizdos is a sophomore accounting major at Texas State University who heartily enjoys basketball, board games and breakfast food. His distaste for self-description rivals that of Aja Brooks from the Spring 2014 class.








Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson is a senior at Texas State University, majoring in Resource and Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science. She has lived in Austin, TX her whole life, but hopes to move to San Marcos next year while pursuing her Masters of Applied Geography. She is passionate about environmental conservation, and can often be found wandering in the woods on weekends, in various state parks in Central Texas. She also has five dogs, is a pit bull advocate, and volunteers at the Austin Humane Society.





Sean Sydney Johnson

Sean Sydney Johnson is a senior majoring in public relations with a minor in health communication at Texas State University. Born on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, her mother named her after Sean Elliott from the Spurs, but she prefers to go by her middle name, Sydney. Sydney hopes to use her sense of adventure and her passion for people to advocate holistic medical practices in various parts of the world and will begin this with her trip to Cambodia in May 2015. She loves spending time with her dog, Sixx (mom named her Sixx because in December 2014 she thought the Dallas Cowboys were destined to get their 6th super bowl ring…mom’s bad at naming things) her Honduran Milk Snake, Fuego, and her roommates-slash-besties while they do anything imaginable outdoors. Also, she loves her school and is a student mentor/PAL for Bobcat Preview and represented her bobcat family in Study Breaks Magazine’s College Cover Girl contest.





Sierra Krell

Sierra Krell is a sophomore at Texas State University pursuing a degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Business Administration. Sierra is originally from Austin, Texas but lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for many years before moving back to Texas to obtain her bachelor’s degree in beautiful San Marcos. She sees world travels and a masters degree in her distant future but currently enjoys spending time at the river and playing with her new baby kitten, and emotional support animal, Scarlett.






Carla Lozano

Carla Lozano


Carla Lozano is a senior at Texas State University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. She spends most of her time scouting for reading spots around Austin to enjoy a book, shopping local boutiques or at Alamo Draft House catching up on the latest movies. She is motivated to gain experience in the event industry and has done various event-planning internships in Texas and California to get her career in motion. She is an alumna of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and will become an alumna of Texas State University in December 2015. After graduation she plans on moving back to Southern California to live and work happily by the beach.






Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer is a sophomore public administration major and combined geography and honors studies minor at Texas State University.  She grew up mostly overseas, living in Germany and England.  She enjoys gaming and binge-watching shows on Netflix.  One day she hopes of becoming either an environmental lawyer, an elected official in either state or national government, the head of a non-profit organization, secretary of state, or president.  She hasn’t decided yet.  Who knows?  Maybe she’ll do it all.







Jacqueline Parchoi

Jacqueline Parchois, who affectionately goes by “Jay-Quellin” (at the request of her peers) is a junior at Texas State University, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Writing. She enjoys long walks on the beach, breakfast foods, consuming vast quantities of coffee, binge watching bad crime dramas on Netflix, and taking pictures with her cat Wilson. In her free time she likes to participate in debates on online forums about social justice. Her career goals change with the day and the weather but she hopes whatever she ends up doing, it will help people in some way. Jacqui currently resides in San Marcos, Texas but she hopes to one day travel the world.






Amy Perry

Amy Perry is a senior at Texas State University, majoring in political science with a minor in history. A self-proclaimed nerd and political junkie, she enjoys working on political campaigns, reading, watching good movies, and hiking around her home in Austin, Texas.  Amy also enjoys speaking French, and being a student curator at the Gallery of Common Experience on the Texas State University campus. As a non-traditional student, she balances school, commuting, and her four children. Following graduation with honors in December 2015, Amy plans to attend graduate school to receive her Master’s in Public Administration. After experiencing this class she would love to go to law school and pursue a career in Constitutional law, but it may have to just be a hobby. Amy plans to work in local or state government in the future.



Josue Plaza

Josue Plaza

Josue Plaza is a senior at Texas State University majoring in Mass Communication-Electronic Media. After graduating, he plans to work as a web developer for a tech company. In his free time, he produces orchestral and electronic dance music for video games and film. Josue enjoys playing League of Legends and watching the professional eSports scene. His dream is to work for Riot Games one day as a software developer.





Alexandria Reid

Alexandria Reid

Alexandria Reid is a senior at Texas State University. She is studying advertising with minors in business administration and writing. Hoping to one day own her own business, she found her entrepreneurial spirit whilst wheeling and dealing thin mints as a girl scout. In her free time, you can find her singing the wrong lyrics to popular songs with her guitar and roommate. Until she makes her big break, she hopes to find a job in the advertising industry in Austin, TX and one day open her own margarita bar.





Delaney Testerman

Delaney Testerman

Delaney Testerman is a junior political science major at Texas State University. Delaney moved to San Marcos for school after living in Fort Worth for eighteen years. She enjoys hiking, getting tattoos, talking, and playing with her dogs. She hopes to go to law school in Colorado after leaving Texas State and to one day work as a criminal prosecutor.








Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas


Ricardo Vargas is a junior mass communication major at Texas State University. He was born in Nacogdoches, TX where he often goes back to spend time with his parents, two sisters and niece. He has spent the last three years in San Marcos and loves it but plans on spending the rest of his life working in cities like Austin, New York or Miami. He aspires to one day work a production job for a national news station. On his free time he enjoys spending time with his dog Finn and having long binges of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix.




Crystal Winger

Crystal Winger

Crystal Winger is a sophomore political science major and forensic psychology minor at Texas State University. Although she has spent 18 years of her life in Plano, TX, she has thoroughly enjoyed what San Marcos has to offer in the only 2 years she has been in this city. When she’s not running around campus juggling classes and organizations, she enjoys cuddling with her boys, Kimchi and Mung (her cats), binge-watching Netflix and being outside. Upon graduation, she hopes to backpack across all of Asia before she starts “adulting”. Crystal hopes to accomplish many things in her life and plans on entering many job-fields in her lifetime.




Brian Woods

Brian Woods

Brian N. Woods is a junior mass communications major at Texas State University-San Marcos. Brian was born and raised in a small Central Kansas town, but has spent the past number of years living in Los Angeles, working in film and television production. He has received a degree in audio engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Az. Brian is an avid Kansas Jayhawks, L.A. Lakers, and L.A. Dodgers fan. He is highly enjoying his time at Texas State and hopes to continue on and receive his master’s degree down the road.


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